I’m New


So you have seen our times and locations and have decided to visit but you have some questions about how our Church works. We hope you might find some of the answers here. If you don’t just email us at secretary@corrimalanglican.com.au

1. Be comfortable

You don’t need to dress up to come to church. We want you to feel comfortable joining us for a weekend service.

Please just come as you are – church is about the people you’re with, not the clothes you’re wearing.

2. You’re welcome

Visitors are very welcome at Corrimal Anglican.

There’s lots of reasons people visit church. Perhaps you went to church as a child. Perhaps a friend invited you along. Perhaps you’d like to connect with God. Perhaps life’s been tough and you’d like some comfort and support. Perhaps you’re just curious about what happens at church.

There is no need to book a seat just turn up. You can leave whenever you like but – we’d love to meet you at morning tea/supper afterwards. Whatever the case, you’re very welcome to join us this weekend.

3. Church for adults. Church for kids!

Younger or older – all are welcome at Corrimal Anglican.

If you have children you should know:

Children are welcome to stay in church. We like hearing the noise of children in our church.
We have a creche at 10am which is overseen by one of our volunteers.
Carers are welcome to stay in the creche if it helps their child.

At the 10am service, kids and adults join us at the start of the service, and then the children go to Sunday School and SSS for the rest of the service.

At Corrimal Anglican all our leaders receive training, and have child protection qualifications.

4. What to Expect

You might never have visited church before – that’s ok! We’d love you to join us. We understand that trying anything new can be a daunting experience. So here’s what you can expect if you visit one of our weekend services:

You can expect to be greeted at the door by one of our friendly welcomers who will give you a service bulletin, a bible and show you to your seat.

Church usually goes for 1 hour and 15 minutes. During this time we sing a few songs (accompanied by a band), we have a passage read to us from the bible and the Minister speaks to us about it. Someone will say a prayer from up the front. There are also announcements where we find out what is happening during the weeks ahead and often there is a short interview with a member of our church.

After the service there’s morning tea or supper (depending on what time you come).

We’d love to see you at church this weekend.

5. People like you

Different types of people belong to Corrimal Anglican. All are welcome!

Mums and Dads.
People in IT.
People from the creative arts.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, you’ll fit right in at our church.